*extended* The abstract submission deadline is 5 March 2012
Submission of your abstract shows the intent that it will be presented as a poster or as a talk. Please indicate your preferred presentation type on the submission form. The convenors will review the abstracts after the submission deadline and determine the final presentation type.
Abstracts will be accepted for the following topics:
  • High Energy Frontier
  • Low Energy Precision Frontier
  • Neutrino Masses and Neutrino Mixing
  • Electroweak Tests of the Standard Model
  • Cosmic Frontier
  • Dark Matter and Dark Energy
  • Particle and Nuclear Astrophysics
  • Heavy Flavour and the CKM Matrix
  • QCD, Hadron Spectroscopy and Exotics
  • Hadronic Physics and Spin
  • Nucleon Structure
  • Nuclear Structure
  • Quark Matter and High Energy Heavy-Ion Collisions
  • New Facilities and their Instrumentation
Please submit your abstract to the TRIUMF CIPANP 2012 Indico site: