Parallel Session Topics and Convenors

High Energy Frontier:
  Oliver Stelzer-Chilton [TRIUMF]
  Roni Harnik [FNAL]
  Direct Searches for Higgs, SUSY, Exotics, Extra Dimensions
  (Collider results from the LHC and Tevatron and theoretical interpretations)
Low Energy Precision Frontier:
  Chen-Yu Liu [Indiana University]
  Vincenzo Cirigliano [LANL]
  Muon Physics
  (g-2, lepton flavour violation)
CKM Tests Involving Light Flavours
  (Neutron decay, pion decay, kaon decays)
Neutron Physics
  (EDM, lifetime and decay correlations, n-nbar oscillations)
  (EDMs and decay correlations)
  (EDMs and atomic parity violation)
Rare and Very-Rare Meson Decays
  (Pions and kaons)
Tests of Lorentz Invariance and CPT Invariance
Neutrino Masses and Neutrino Mixing:
  Nikolai Tolich [University of Washington]
  Carlo Giunti [INFN-Torino]
  Neutrino Oscillations
Double-β Decays
Direct Neutrino Mass Measurements
Cosmological Constraints on Neutrino Mass
Neutrino Cross Section Measurements
Electroweak Tests of the Standard Model:
  Joao Guimaraes da Costa [Harvard University]
  Ross Young [University of Adelaide]
  Atomic Parity Violation
Weak Charge of the Electron and Proton
Neutrino/Antineutrino Reactions
High Energy Tests
EDM Searches
Cosmic Frontier:
  William C. Wester [FNAL]
  Nicole F. Bell [Melbourne University]
  Cosmic Microwave Background
Structure Formation
Galaxy Formation
Re-Ionization Epoch
Extra-Solar Planets
Gravity Waves
Gravity Probes
General Relativity
Cyclic Universes
Arrow of Time
Cosmology Parameters
Inflation and Baryogenesis
Dark Matter and Dark Energy:
  Jocelyn Monroe [Royal Holloway University of London]
  Neal Weiner [New York University]
  Direct/Indirect Dark Matter Detection
New Theories of Dark Matter and Dark Energy
Precision Cosmology
New Instrumentation
Particle and Nuclear Astrophysics:
  Juan Estrada [FNAL]
  Gail McLaughlin [North Carolina State University]
Neutron Stars
Big Bang Nucleosynthesis
Gamma-Ray Bursts
Ultra-High Energy Cosmic Rays
CMB Polarization and Gamma-Rays
Heavy Flavour and the CKM Matrix:
  Steven Blusk [Syracuse University]
  Andreas S. Kronfeld [FNAL]
  Decays, Mixing, Lifetimes, and CP Asymmetries of Charmed and b-Flavoured Hadrons: QCD Calculations that Aid in the Determination of the CKM Matrix
Interpretations of non-Standard Model Effects and Extensions
  (BES3, CLEO, BaBar, and Belle results
  Tevatron and LHC flavour physics results
  Rare decays
  Lattice-QCD calculations of heavy-quark physics
  Hints of new physics
  BSM contributions to flavour physics)
QCD, Hadron Spectroscopy and Exotics:
  Annalisa D’Angelo [INFN-Roma ‘Tor Vergata’]
  Jozef Dudek [Old Dominion University]
  Light Quark Meson and Baryon Spectroscopy
Spectroscopy of Heavy Quark States
QCD Approaches and Extractions from Experimental Data
Hadronic Physics and Spin:
  Kawtar Hafidi [ANL]
  Andreas Metz [Temple University]
  Form Factors
Lattice Calculations
Unpolarized Structure Functions
Longitudinal Spin Structure of the Nucleon
Transverse Spin Structure of the Nucleon
Generalized Parton Distributions and the Spin Sum of the Nucleon
Light Nuclei Measurements
EMC Effect
Coulomb Sum Rule and Colour Transparency
Nucleon Structure:
  Michel Guidal [Institut de Physique Nucléaire d’Orsay]
  Vladimir Pascalutsa [Universität Mainz]
  Nucleon Form Factors
Structure Functions
Generalized Parton Distributions
Transition Form Factors
Strangeness Content
Proton Charge Radius
Hadronic Vacuum Polarization
Light-by-Light Contributions
Nuclear Structure:
  Rituparna Kanungo [Saint Mary’s University]
  Achim Schwenk [TU Darmstadt]
  Nuclear Forces and Electroweak Interactions
New Structures in Exotic Nuclei
Neutron-Rich Nuclei and Matter
Nuclear Structure and Fundamental Symmetries
Strong Interactions and High-Performance Computations
Quark Matter and High Energy Heavy Ion Collisions:
  Christine Nattrass  [University of Tennessee-Knoxville]
  William Horowitz [University of Capetown]
  Global Observables
Hard Probes
  (Hydrodynamic calculations
  Particle suppression
  Jet-hadron correlations
  Lattice QCD results
  AdS/CFT insights)
New Facilities and their Instrumentation:
  Mike Syphers [NSCL-MSU]
  Eugene Chudakov [Jefferson Laboratory]
  Deep Underground Laboratories
Electron-Ion Collider(s)
JLab-12 GeV